How to Set Up a Guinea Pig Home


Guinea Pigs can live in a hutch which can be indoors.  Guinea Pigs like to be kept indoors where they can get lots of human attention!  It is a good idea to keep your piggies somewhere quiet, as they have pretty sensitive hearing.  If you can allow them easy access to the outdoors too, they will be very happy with an enclosed run outside!

Guinea Pigs need plenty of room to move around in their hutch, with around 1 meter for a single piggie, or at least 1.5 meters for two piggies sharing.  Make sure your hutch has a separate sleeping area and some safe hiding places and shelter for when your guinea pigs want to get away for some peace and quiet!

In terms of bedding, make sure your piggies have enough bedding to keep warm. It shouldn’t be too fluffy as if they eat it, it can cause digestive issues. The best choice for bedding is simply hay which also is a main food for guinea pigs.